Maggie Lily


A showcase of my curated events. 

 Selected Curation and Performance

Curatorial Statement:

For all my work I cultivate caring research, personal attention, and work that transcends beyond aesthetics. When I curate I seek to bring together not just works or performances, but people. In my programming I highlight works by people experiencing marginalization through events that are both vibrant in energy and thoughtful in content. I connect artists who are unconsciously vibrating together and use my organizational skills to give them all a space to sing. My curation forms a tangible permeation of a culture of Oneness – living in the reality that we all are manifestations of the same source energy and we all create our realities together. It is my purpose to create space to uplift all people, but especially black artists as gods, to bring balance and truth to their experiences. My ultimate goal is to connect all to the Unconscious through self love and divine awakening.


GAUDLIKE is a living expression of joy, intersectional queer unity, and divinity. Each of the 14 collaborators of this project is a god, a creator. Each a creator of art and identity. Through fashion, photography, craft, digital art, poetry, performance, and installation this group is GAUDLIKE and radiant in our queer splendor, play, and unashamed self-love.

Special thanks to IndyHall co-working space.



A POC Self-Love Event Sponsored by Nybee Beauty Products. Free Hair Care, Cuts, and Loc services were offered as well as performances, collaborative art projects, and vegan food by the black-owned caterer We Are Earf.

2018 Brown Sugar

O:O stands for "othered others." This phrase recognizes black people who feel marginalized or even persecuted within the black community, the arts community, and the black arts community. This was the 5th annual 2-day festival of all mediums. A celebration of radical Black joy!

2018 O:O Our Black Arts Festival 

2017 NYC Poetry Festival

I was an invited artist at the NYC Poetry Festival where my Mushroom Muses and I (Mother Hawkmoth) sold my illustrations and performed poetry accompanied by improvisational dance and audience participation. 

2017 EP Release for Kingsley Ibeneche

I curated an EP Release debut and party for Kingsley Ibeneche at the Circle of Hope Gallery Space. In addition to Kingsley Ibeneche's performance, the night included two opening acts by Lauren Scott and Echelon the Seeker, various dance performances, and a dance party! 

2017 Black Arts Festival


For 3 years I have curated the annual Black Arts Festival in Philadelphia, PA. It is a multi-day event with a gallery exhibition, musical performances, monologues, and poetry. The Black Arts Festival serves as a radical celebration of Black Joy to bring all people together to unite as a community, recharge, and celebrate Black Excellence. 

In 2017 the festival was 2 days, February 3rd and 4th at the Circle of Hope Gallery Space in South Philadelphia. We had over 40 artists and over 500 people visit and celebrate with us. 

2016 December Free First Sunday at the Barnes Foundation

For the Barnes Foundation's 2016 December Free First Sunday I brought in three performance groups that fit within the theme of "Sensation." I wanted to capture the diverse, and sometimes overwhelming, textures of the Barnes Foundation Collection through the percussion-based rhythm band, AveNoir, the zany performance art group Yackez, and internationally renowned Opera tenor, Richard Troxell. 

2015 Millennium Oblivion 

Millennium Oblivion was my first major curated event during my Sopomore year at the University of the Arts. The concept of the show was to have a major gallery and performance exhibition without the aid of the University. We had over 40 performance and visual artists, and over 200 people in attendence.